Fund Raising Programs

The VLC Capital Campaign

With the awarding of the Community Development Block Grant, announced by Governor McCrory on Memorial Day 2014, the Veterans Life Center program moved to a new level of public awareness and success. Capital Campaign activity has increased markedly, as has media interest.

The Capital Campaign is headed by Mr. Jim Gardner, prominent North Carolina businessman, former Congressman and former Lieutenant Governor. Serving with Gardner as Co-Chairs of the Finance Committee are Governor Pat McCrory, Former Governors Jim Hunt and Jim Martin, former NC Chief Justice Burley Mitchell and other business and civic leaders. Professional representation is provided by Joyce Kohn of Kohn Associates.

In addition to public sector funding, the Capital Campaign has to date raised more than $500,000 from private sources to supplement government monies, fund program development and sustain operations. The Board of Directors and volunteer Capital Campaign leaders are actively participating in the overall fundraising efforts and act as ambassadors of the project throughout the state.

As a public-private partnership, VLCNC-CARES depends on private funding as well as support from the public sector. Success of the Capital Campaign ensures success for thousands of North Carolina veterans.

The Capital Campaign includes several programs covering a wide range of contribution options.

Founders Club. The Founders Club is a small donor component under which donations in the $100 dollar range will receive permanent recognition at the Veterans Life Center in the form of a Founders Club plaque bearing the name of the donor and/or a veteran whom the donor wishes to memorialize or honor. Recognition will be scaled to the size of the donation.

Tower of Honor. Mid-range donors of $1000 or more will receive recognition on a specially designed and constructed Tower of Honor which will be constructed on the campus. The names of such donors, and/or a Veteran they wish to honor or memorialize, will be engraved on a brick which will be used in the Tower of Honor which will be constructed on the Veterans Life Center campus.

Naming Rights Program. Larger individual, corporate and institutional donors may participate in this program, whereby rooms, wards, wings and other features are permanently named in honor of persons or organizations. Persons wishing to join the growing community of Veterans Life Center supporters by participating in the Naming Rights program should contact Joyce Kohn at 919-210-3829, or by email at

In-Kind Donations. Donations of furniture, equipment, comestibles or other needed items are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Persons wishing to make an in-kind donation, may contact the VLC at to determine if the items they wish to donate are appropriate.

Kids4Vets. One of the most heartwarming things VLC has encountered is the willingness of children and young adults to step forward and do what they can to help Veterans. A teenaged boy in Raleigh requested that his friends make a contribution to VLC in lieu of giving him a birthday gift at his upcoming party. A girl in Lee County named Claire smashed her piggy bank, sent the contents to VLC and challenged her friends and family to contribute enough to buy a room in the Naming Rights program. A Girl Scout troop in Durham collected dental supplies for the Veterans Life Center residents to use when the center opens. If you or your youth group would like to be part of the Kids4Vets movement, contact VLC at We’ll work out a program. Or just do it on your own. All Kids4Vets participants will receive their own Kids4Vets button.


Jim GardnerJim Gardner, Chairman, VLC Finance Committee

Please consider making a donation to help a homeless Veteran today, by supporting VLCNC-CARES in its efforts to build and operate the Veterans Life Center.