The Situation

Making it Easier for our Returning Heroes to Find Help

There are over 8,800 homeless Veterans in North Carolina. Recent unemployment figures indicate that unemployment among Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans is over 28%. Many Veterans, once they return home, need help reintegrating back into society.

Homeless Veterans seen by VA facilities in NC

Our returning heroes face many problems. The Veterans Leadership Council of North Carolina-Cares is there to help the men and women of our Armed Forces get the help they need all in one place.

North Carolina is home to over 800,000 Veterans and has the greatest number of active duty troops on the East Coast. Despite these numbers, there is no integrated state-wide program that provides the different levels of service – from hospitalization to drug treatment to vocational training -  that our Veterans need.

“There are great services out there, but they could be at 14 different locations,” says VLCNC-Cares’ Executive Director John Turner. “The Veterans Life Center will provide a centralized location and a more efficient way to provide these critical services to our homeless Veterans.”

Our goal is successful community reintegration, but the path to that goal is different for each Veteran. VLCNC-Cares is the only state-wide Veterans organization that can provide the help, the resources, and the encouragement to return our heroes to self-reliance by providing them the services they need.

We cannot do it alone. We need your help!

Please consider helping our homeless North Carolina Veterans with a donation today!